We skyrocket your e-commerce sales
within 90 days using our ZFM scaling methodology​

We are an eCommerce marketing agency that has dealt with over 3 million US dollars in ad spend in the last 18 months. Thanks to this, we’ve built a system in place that just works. By that, we mean scaling brands from as little as 75$/day to over a few thousand per day within months! 

Why our clients choose us
as their e-Commerce marketing Agency

Vast Exerience

We’ve managed over 3 million $ in adspend in the last 18 months. We are confident we’ve dealt with the challenges you’re currently going through. Our goal is not to just run ads but to bring consistency to your sales and revenue. This way you can free up time and make long-term decisions based on data.

Your dedicated partner

We only take on a few select clients. Marketing for eCommerce businesses is a complex task and we’d rather have a few select clients that’d stay with us for years vs having 50+ clients.

Full transparency

We will give you all our strategies and specific action steps you need to take to potentially double your sales in the upcoming months. We do this analysis on our strategy call so you can see exactly how we do this. We will keep it real with you. And tell you exactly what you need to hear. We believe in giving real value, so you either implement and grow yourself, or you save all that time and headache and get us to implement it for you.

Services Tailored for
e-Commerce business owners

Facebook & Instagram
ads scaling

Facebook & Instagram
ads scaling

+ content creation

Looking to scale your facebook & Instagram ads?

Book a strategy call with us. We will discuss your goals and needs. Breakdown all aspects of your business and your marketing. So we can pinpoint all the bottlenecks. And create a step-by-step action plan to bridge the gap between your goal and where you are right now. No sales pitches, no false promises. Just the truth. “

We work with eCommerce businesses with a proven product

6 and 7 figure eCommerce business owners who need help scaling to the next level.

eCommerce business owners with a big vision and long-term thinking.

eCommerce business owners who have a good product and several happy customers and reviews

New eCommerce business owners with previous experience growing eCommerce business

The process We'll go through before we
scale Your Facebook & Instagram Ads

book a strategy call
The first step is to click on our call to action button to book a call.
Friendly conversation
We will analyze the 4 key areas of your business on our call (product, offer, audience and funnel).
Audit & Analysis
We will be doing all the research and analysis on our call, and we will pinpoint what you need to do to scale this
Set goals and KPIs
Set expectations based on your goals and vision
Do it yourself!
You can either use our strategies yourself or work with us to do it for you.

Ready To start?
Let's talk details, schedule a strategy call!

Why should you trust us?
Listen to what our clients have to Say...

... or check our our success stories

Companies we helped scale

Our vision, and values we nurture

Problem we try to solve

Low-quality marketing services are confusing and frustrating eCommerce business owners around the globe

By following our misson

To help eCommerce businesses around the globe positively impact over a million lives through high quality products

Eight core values we base our business on

Customer Obsession

Make customers life so easy that they cannot do without you.

Laser Focused

Focus on the main thing, eliminate all distractions.

Focus on quality

Work with business selling products that help people get closer to their own goals

Be all in or go home

Commit fully, work hard, 0 distractions, the goal is the only thing that matters.

Full transparency

Be brutally honest and transparent, even if it hurts, it helps.

Be scientific

Be data driven, have data on everything.

Question everything

Question every little thing. The truth is the only thing that matters.

High Standards

Be willing to experiment, challenge the status quo for the greater good.

About Our team

I started this Agency after quitting my corporate job as an ERP consultant. Over the years, I’ve seen it all. I’ve seen how typical marketing agencies operate: too many clients, not enough time, prioritizing their own gains over the client’s results. Then you have your freelancers who have too much on their plate. They lack the business experience and the discipline needed to grow a serious brand. It is my mission to ensure we at ZFM stick to our values. We are obsessed with our client’s results and will stop at nothing to get you to your goals.
Yasir Sultan
I joined Zen Focus Media a year back and I take care of all the client communication and creative team management. I’m here to make sure that the clients have 0 questions at any given point in time.
Aida Mekonnen
Project manager
I’m head of creative and am responsible for all the creatives and designing for our clients. I’ve created content on various platforms like FB/IG/Tik tok and Snapchat.
Aysha Sultan
Head of creative

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